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At Move123, we’ve utilised our wealth of fitness and wellness industry experience and operator knowledge to create our unique and innovative digital fitness and wellness library. Our general library offers 3,000+ classes and our Silver senior specific library offers 500+ classes.


Classes are offered across an extensive library of 10 different collections; Yoga, Meditation, Stretch, Breathe, Pilates, Cardio, Fight, Strength, Barre and Dance.  We specialise in 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute classes to break down time barriers for both the participants and the facilities offering the classes.


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We offer a vast library of video content designed to motivate, educate and keep users active. Our in house content production team film regularly and therefore produce new and bespoke content responding to the demands of our users. 


There are a range of flexible video content bundles to choose from and a number of different ways you can access and use Move123 content. We cater to both individuals and businesses.


For individuals; you can  access Move123 classes with our Wellness On Demand platform using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply log into your wellness account and away you go; you can even connect or cast your device to a TV for a larger viewing experience. 


For businesses; we offer a wide range of options including; User Licences for accessing our Wellness On demand platform, integration directly with your own content delivery system/app/company website and an in-facility Wellness Solutions player. This player allows you to offer Move123 in your facility via a tablet device. Classes are then delivered either on demand or pre-scheduled into a timetable. 


Find out more about our Wellness On Demand and Wellness Solutions player here.

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